Dedicated Systems

Dedicated PSA Systems

Real-time Photoelastic Stress Analysis Systems

Each of Stress Photonics’ Dedicated Photoelastic Stress Analysis (PSA) Systems consists of a GFP (Grey-Field Polariscope) camera head, an illuminator, and a framework that ties the system together. Systems are considered “dedicated” when they are purpose-built for a specific industry and/or application.

The section below highlights the main dedicated systems as well as some popular “configurations.” If you have a challenging application, contact us today so that we can discuss your particular issue and work together on a custom solution.

The EdgeMaster™ 2 is a Photoelastic Stress Analysis (PSA) System optimized for measuring edge stresses in clear or tinted glass. The EdgeMaster 2 works with or without black paint. The system works on all automotive glass, including windshields, sunroofs, mirrors, sidelights, and backlights.

The LamMaster™ 2 is a complete turnkey system that can solve cutability problems by assessing the annealing quality of float glass. The LamMaster 2 instrument is easy to use and provides quantitative parabolic through-thickness stress profiles that display top and bottom surface compressions, as well as center tensions.

The GFP™1600 Flat Panel Illuminator is a large area PSA (Photoelastic Stress Measurement) system. LED light panels can be combined to accommodate any size glass sample or product, including automotive windshields, sidelites, backlites, and sunroofs, as well as mammoth sheets of architectural glass.

The GFP™2600 NIR/SWIR Real-time PSA System instantaneously measures stress through NIR/SWIR transparent materials such as silicon wafers, silicon coated glass, and many ceramics. Systems include a NIR/SWIR circularly polarized illuminator, an analyzing camera, and a material handling system.

A row of multiple GFP2600 STRIP cameras can be set over a long STRIP Illuminator across a conveyor. The STRIP images are “stitched” together into a larger full-view image. The Osprey 9 Complete by LiteSentry utilizes this system to obtain full anisotropy maps of large lites in production.


The GFP™1600 TEST STAND is a vertical standing small area stress imaging system consisting of a color-controlled illuminated tray and adjustable camera mount. The system can quickly measure stress in transparent samples, such as mobile phone glass, for engineering development and/or manufacturing quality control.


The GFP™1600 REFLECT is a versatile system used to measure stress in painted glass, such as automotive glass black frit found on windshields, backlites, and sunroofs. The versatile system design also enables it to be used to determine surface strains on any material with an applied photoelastic coating.


As the name implies, the GFP™1600 DESK/MICRO is a small tabletop stress measurement system that is ideal for determining stress on small details such as flaws, edge grind, or contact points. Objectives of 2X, 5X, and 10X are available. Click the button below to ask us for more details about this versatile system.

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Need help? Email our support
team via our contact form
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