Our track record is proven. For over 30 years, Stress Photonics Inc. has been an industry leader in photoelastic stress and strain measurement.

Our flat glass inspection systems for commercial and residential glass provide key information for quality assessment through stress indicators.

Our real-time systems instantaneously measure stress through NIR/SWIR transparent materials such as silicon wafers & silicon coated glass.

A modular approach to sensor, illuminator, and software design allows efficient configuration of custom solutions for your specific application.



Specialized systems such as the EdgeMaster™ 2, optimized for measuring edge stresses in clear or tinted glass, or the GFP2600 NIR/SWIR, are just two examples of our dedicated systems.

The GFP™2600 Real-time Photoelastic Stress Analysis (PSA) Systems instantaneously measure stress, while the GFP™1600 systems are the most flexible stress measurement instruments we offer.

Our illuminators are an integral part of all of our complete Photoelastic Stress Analysis (PSA) systems. Systems include an infrared camera head and an illuminator as well as full-featured software.

Our material handling systems are available in a range of configurations, from small desktop systems to large systems capable of handling large glass samples such as windshields and architectural glass.

Need help? Email our expert support team via our contact form or call us at +1 (608) 224-1230

Need help? Email our support
team via our contact form
or call us at +1 (608) 224-1230

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