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Photoelastic Stress Analysis Systems

Stress Photonics’ Grey-Field Polariscopes (GFP™) are the premier photoelastic stress analysis tool. The GFP systems exhibit great flexibility in providing Stress, Strain, or Fringe outputs. The GFP instruments acquire high and low retardation measurements with impressive accuracy and repeatability. The accompanying DeltaVision™ software provides a complete set of capabilities for the experienced laboratory user, along with friendly, simple operation for users with specific applications.

Below is an overview of the two base systems: the GFP™ 1600 series and the GFP™2600 series instruments. Each stress measurement system consists of a Grey-Field Polariscope camera head, an illuminator, and a framework that ties the system together.

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The GFP™1600 Photoelastic Stress Analysis (PSA) systems are some of the most flexible stress measurement instruments. The systems are fully automated and are ideal for measuring edge stress, area stress, thermal stress, assembly stress, and laminar stress. 

The GFP™2600 Real-time Photoelastic Stress Analysis (PSA) Systems instantaneously acquire stress images, or videos, via kaleidoscopic optics. The GFP™2600 is an ideal tool for measuring stress in transparent materials, such as glass, silicon wafers, silicon coated glass, and many ceramics.

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Need help? Email our support
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