EdgeMaster 2

Edge Stress Measurement System

The EdgeMaster™ 2 is a photoelastic stress analysis system optimized for measuring edge stresses in clear or tinted glass, and glass with or without black paint. The system works on windshields, sidelights, and backlights.


The EdgeMaster 2 measures stress in:

• Laminated Glass

• Black Painted Glass

• Flat or Curved Glass

• Clear Glass

• Tinted Glass

• Tempered Glass

• Coated Glass

Full-Featured Software–EdgeMaster™

EdgeMaster™ software is simple to learn. Quickly set up a glass sample and immediately start making measurements. Data is updated as fast as 4X/sec. Each frame from the camera is a real-time measurement. The immediate feedback to the operator makes learning the measurement technique quick and easy.

Graphic User Interface

A table of measured values that have been recorded to the data file is shown front and center. To keep the operator completely informed, values and stress profiles from previous measurements are instantly available in graphical form.

EdgeMaster™ Data Capture

Standard Applications of EdgeMaster™ 2

With the EdgeMaster 2, checking edge stress is a snap. Real-time values and plots are instantaneously provided. Data is stored and is ready for further analysis and presentation in MS Excel or comparable application. Measurements are displayed continuously and recorded at each press of the button, including Tension Maximum, Location of Maximum, Compression at the Edge, Zero Stress Point Location.

1. Positioning the EdgeMaster™ 2

Step 1 – Positioning: The first step is positioning. Simply place and hold the EdgeMaster™ 2 on the edge of the glass to position the instrument.

2. Utilization of the Stop Guide

Utilize the “Stop Guide” to help position the EdgeMaster 2 for consistent data collection, sample after sample.

3. Capture the Data

Press the data capture button and the data, along with all related critical values, are placed in a table and data file.

4. Present & Report

After the measurements have been made, presentation and reporting of the data is quickly accomplished in Microsoft Excel.

5. Analyze Data

For in-depth analysis, DeltaVision Software is the solution. The software is license free and quickly installs for detailed data viewing and reporting.

Uses and Features of EdgeMaster™ 2

Uses of the EdgeMaster 2 Edge Stress Measurement System include; manufacturing process set up, control of manufacturing processes, assessment of windshield glass quality, incoming material inspection, and installed glass assessments.


  • Simple Turn-key System
  • Works on Black Paint Band
  • Works on Tinted Shade Band
  • Portable
  • Integrated Acquisition Database
  • GO-NOGO Checking
  • Integrated Calibration
  • Real-time Images Guide Data Acquisition
  • Immediate Quality Report


The EdgeMaster 2 provides critical measurements needed to quantify the quality of glass products. Key parameters that help characterize manufacturing process performance can help solve problems early by ensuring the capability and repeatability of the manufacturing process.

Maximum tensile stress and its location, maximum compressive stress, location of zero stress, and the full profile of the stress pattern from the edge inboard 50mm. These readings and others are shown on the screen and stored in a file along with measurement documentation.

EdgeMaster™ Data Capture

Measurement Specifications

Stress Range±90±45MPa
Resolution (low stress)±0.4 (Stresses ≤ 10MPa)±0.2 (Stresses ≤ 5MPa)MPa
Resolution (high stress)1010%
Internal Reference Standard Accuracy±4±4nm
Spatial ResolutionBetter than 0.1Better than 0.1mm
Measurement Update Rate22Hz
Specifications are general. Definitive specifications are determined by application and will be reflected in final quote.

Target Glass Specifications

Minimum Thickness0.5mm
Maximum Thickness6mm
Glass TypesSingle layer, Laminated, Tempered
Tint>30% Transmittance
CoatingBlack Print, Tint Band
Edge FinishMeasures up to grind, extrapolates to edge.
Specifications are general. Definitive specifications are determined by application and will be reflected in final quote.

Need help? Email our expert support team via our contact form or call us at +1 (608) 224-1230

Need help? Email our support
team via our contact form
or call us at +1 (608) 224-1230

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